Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Do you dream about your work?

I do!

It's quite scary really.

Last night I dreamt I was watching World Cup football (not my favourite way of spending an evening) and looked out onto our lawn (haven't got one) through the patio doors (haven't got any of them, either)

where I saw a cat, wandering across the lawn carrying a small creature in its mouth.

A small creature? - to be precise, a footballer meerkat wearing a green and white vertically striped kit.

(artist's impression)

I hastily checked who was in the next game - because you'll know, if you follow me on twitter, that a sure way of getting a team knocked out of the world cup is for me to knit them. (Italy? Brazil? England? All knitted, all knocked out!)

Should I worry about this dream?

I checked my stock - the remaining Italian and Brazilian are definitely cat-free, so if you'd like to rehome one, send me a message on Zibbet and I'll reduce one to half price for you (quick, before an imaginary cat gets it!)

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