Sunday, 16 May 2010

Who's been reading?

Ever wondered who reads your blog?

I'm not convinced all my followers read it every day (cos I know full well I'm not that good at reading all the blogs I follow!)

Project Wonderful keeps stats to help potential advertisers say where to place their ads, and those figures say where my blog visitors came from this week:

214 from UK;

104 from USA;

17 from Israel;

7 from Turkey;

6 from Canada;

6 from Poland;

5 from Denmark;

5 from Australia;

4 from Germany;

3 from Lithuania

Thank you - in lots of languages!


headchange said...

Very cool

Christals Creations said...

I read most of mine most days but the heading/first line shown have to catch my attention and I wont bother bringing them up. I do have favourites that I always look out for though.

joy said...

I am the same, sad, but I do read every day, but only most, not all. certainly read all of yours nifty.

sassypackrat said...

I always read but don't always comment. ;0)

SimJaTa said...

I'm the same I usually get around to reading most of them, just dont always get a chance to comment.

Very interesting to find out who actually is reading though, might have to have a look at that.