Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sassy's mum!

(and dad!)

Yesterday I introduced you to Sassy - today I'd like you to meet her mum...

Lorin, but most people call me Doody now! Which I love. Is that odd?

Favourite colour?

a yellowy green, or of course black! I am Libra and I love color so don't ask me to choose just one!

Favourite smell?

A warm clean (!) doggies tummy first thing in the morning. Or mossy oaky scents

Favourite place?

Right now, home. Or a low mountain region, Newfoundland!

Favourite sound?


Favourite way to spend your time?


Favourite item in your shop of all time?

The item that started it all as a joke then became a Christmas ornament- the original Doodypops, now called 'Doody on a stick'.


Because everything is better when you add "on a stick"

Favourite shop that isn’t yours?

It has to be 2 though I could pick 5... Unfinishedbusiness, PetitPoulailler , BackThennishVintage and ferdworthi.

nifty: She did say TWO, didn't she? ;-) Anyone else count four? Just me?


All good solid friends with amazing stuff

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learnt so far that you’d like to pass on to our readers?

Well, renewing items on etsy is more valuable than I first realized. I have gotten quite a few sales in the shop and my other lorinmark, just by renewing!!

woodland Moss Treasure box from lorinmark

And the question Nifty didn't ask?

Star Trek, not Star Wars!:-P


doodypops said...

ummm, Yup, Doody's can't count!

Unknown said...

There is no nicer lady than Lori in the entire Star Trek Federation! Lovely interview, Nifty xo Karen

UnfinishedBusiness said...

lori bug, you're the BEST!!!!! bestest friend and bestest doggie mom (& kitty mom) :) wishing you all the success in the world with all your endeavors...'specially the doody pops...they alWays crack me up!!! luv ya gobs ♥ tweety

doodypops said...

awww, thanks!
I have to say the nice lady I left out in my infamous miscount of fave stores is judysnow. That makes it 5!

Anonymous said...

so cute:)

kittyd said...

Great interview! But I'm insulted I'm not listed among your favorite shops. I was number 5, right? RIGHT? /grin

Portable Graffiti said...

Great interview, funny photos. Can't help it, must say I have only a few Vintage Star Trek buttons left. That's Star Trek, NOT Star Wars.

Waterrose said...

oh that dog is adorable and what a great idea....since everything does taste better on corn dogs!

Anonymous said...

Doodles, Great interview, your a great friend and always a pleasure to chat with.
Anxious to hear more about the great House!! your friend judysnow

Keith (Butterfly Bay Design) said...

Lorin's amazing and a great friend. I love her stuff and knowing her has enriched my world!