Friday, 14 May 2010

In an English Country Garden

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Aquilegia, one of my favourite garden flowers

Too early for flowers yet, but isn't my lupin looking strong? Growing in gravel is keeping it safe from slugs (so far!)

bleeding hearts...

No idea at all what this is going to be. I let my wildflowers self seed, but this is new this spring and getting bigger each day!

Even the pond has started flowering:

and of course - look how my tadpoles are "blooming"!


Christals Creations said...

I love bleeding hearts. Somehting to do with my mum having them when I was little I expect. My garden is very unestablished, we only moved in Jan but I have a few pots up, strawberries, lobelia, tomatoes and many veg in situ already.
Fiona @ Christals Creations

Pennie said...

Ohhh, such a Beautiful Garden you have! It is so wonderful when the flowers etc are just poppin up everywhere, that gives me a Happy Heart!
Smiles, Pennie :)

Felix said...

I am a little bit envious of your pond and its wriggling, amphibious contents! Tadpoles are the best thing about ponds.

That mystery plant looks to me a bit like African Protea but it's hard to tell from the photo!