Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Guest blogger "Nifty_IT" and some well known party leaders!

Time for a second guest blogger, Nifty_IT aka Philip, who is having his first bash at a blog post!

You may have guessed I am Niftyknits' other half, and @Nifty_IT is my Twitter name. Since we moved to Kent in late 2005 I started a small IT business, providing computer help in all shapes and sizes to local schools, the charity sector, and individual home users, not to mention Heather's online knitting business! I did some work at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Ashford and they subsequently roped me in as a voluntary generalist advisor for half a day a week. Fascinating and rewarding but hard work.

Since meerkats took over the world, it's been quite a journey, and all this online communication is fairly new to me - I resisted the Twittersphere for some time, but was attracted via the tweetup lunches that started in a pub (a beer always helps!) by an enterprising tweeting landlord (@hoodenershorse) to attract some new Friday business.

It's great to see all the exposure that Heather has generated and we were hoping to see the party leaders on ITV Meridian news doing an alternative broadcast before election day.

Don't forget to vote for your chosen "superpolitico"!

Time to get back to the online engine room and I still have a laptop to fix.

Back to Niftyknits. Thanks for guesting today Philip, while I'm temporarily away from my PC!


Jane Carlstrom said...

Yay Nifty-IT! Great post. Thanks for guesting on NiftyKnits Blog. I am running away from home this morning -- off to a Sheep and Wool Festival. No computer, no phone; so please let Nifty know I will continue to send good thoughts her way, but will not be sending any electronic words for a week or so. Hang Tough, Jane (believe the British equivalent is "stay calm and carry on")

Heather Leavers said...

thanks for keeping my blog warm hun!

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr Nifty! Hope Heathers world gets back to normal soon