Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Let's catch up with Alchemy

Long long ago, in a galaxy far away (whoops, that's wrong!)

Back in November two little meerkats left Niftyknits in Kent UK for an amazing adventure!

Etta's adventure finished recently, and she's gone to a new home with all her lovely souvenirs.

Treasure's adventure came to rather an impasse - she's lost somewhere in Europe :-(

Her adventure was continued by Alchemy. With me so far?

Alchemy started his adventure with MyMothersGarden in Florida

I was so surprised to hear that while Alchemy helped Karrita at a craft fair they met a customer who ALREADY knew about the world tour! Amazing. Wish I was as famous as those meerkats!

From Florida, Alchemy went to Virginia, to visit TeresasPrimTreasures. They had a lot of fun, and Alchemy left with a new handmade sleeping bag.

Onwards - this time to Michigan. Alchemy went on a sightseeing tour of Detroit with LeapingGazelle

Next stop Minnesota! Alchemy got up to all sorts of mischief at the farm with GloriousHats and even enjoyed maple syrup straight from the farm! Don't you love her fascinator?

Alchemy studied basketmaking with Pamela. The tiny basket she is wearing is also available from PurpleToedGypsy, but that one will be in the giveaway.

By now it was Easter, so Alchemy went Easter egg hunting with KimsCraftyApple

Alchemy's next stop was filled with extreme sports, enough to make a mother's heart quake! Waterrose took him out into the Arizona desert, where even sitting down looked pretty scary!

Right now Alchemy is en route to Las Vegas, to meet up with Fishstikks - goo luck little meerkat! Just a few more stops then it will be time to come home to the UK, for a last hug with Mum before your giveaway.

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FishStikks said...

Loved the Alchemy tour, so fantastic but even better Alchemy arrived here today!! Yay!

Stay tuned for further adventures, I've got stuff up my sleeves, hehe.

PersimonDreams said...

Great summary! Can't wait to here what she does with FishStikks!

india flint said...

thanks, i needed a smile!