Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Steampunk - I love it!

My son just sent me a BBC newsclip about a Steampunk Exhibition which looks great fun! I suspect my overseas readers won't be able to see it, so here's a different Exhibition from youtube:

One of the first things I ever bought from Etsy was this gorgeous steampunk necklace from MadArtJewelry

- I'd never heard of steampunk before I spotted it! I'm quite hooked now, and as a lifelong SciFi fan it's entirely appropriate.

Having had my interest stirred by the vid, I had a wander around the net to find some more examples to share with you...

I love the way the beetle is nestled into this brooch from tinyminds , it's entirely believable that he is operating the mechanism somehow.

Leather features often in steampunk: here's a cuff from steamstress.folksy

Insects are another common theme, but never in a "common" way: This fabulous beetle is by CatherinetteRings.etsy

I'm saving this to last because it is one of the most bizarre items I've ever seen!
Maurice from tinyminds.etsy


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for showcasing my necklace!

Christals Creations said...

I love the beetle brooch, it's very clever. Not keen on the rejuvinated my little pony though. . . something a bit odd about it.
Makes me think i'll be paying a visit to some new shops for some upcoming birthdays. :o)

Heather Leavers said...

I know what you mean about tinyminds pony christal, but I keep coming back to it. it's scary but fascinating.

sassypackrat said...

I love steampunk too!

tinyminds said...

hehe, you should hear Maurice scream... now that's scary :)

great collection of steampunky pieces. love it!

lostarts said...

Fabulous designs!

If you want steampunk inspiration and a fun time, start watching Warehouse 13 on SyFy. You can catch it late on Friday nights, and it will be going into it's second season this summer.

Unknown said...

a very big well done, never liked the term but love the stuff. tip top as ever nifty