Monday, 29 March 2010

I will never complain that knitting is hard to photograph again...

Ok, probably I will still complain. But stationary knits are a lot better-behaved than mobiles. As the name suggests, they're not very good at keeping still!

The beautiful caged bead keep them "centred" without the need for therapy.

You're going to have to take my word about them being "glow in the dark".

I did *try* to take photos of them in the dark - but either the flash did its thing (which destroyed the dark) or it didn't - in which case I couldn't see which way to point the camera.

By now, my intelligent readers (that's ALL of you) will have realised this mobile is not knitted. It's a Glowbile (please imagine I've inserted the little trademark symbol here) by

This particular glowbile is for my son's birthday. Jamie assures me his birthsign is Aries, so the stone used is Jasper which makes it a bit more personal. It's great quality and an absolute bargain (you know how tight a grip I keep on those purse strings!) so why not pop along to Jamie's shop and nab one for yourself? He needs to earn his keep as I'm hoping he'll be joining us at the Hoodeners Horse for our next local twitter lunch to buy me a pint!

Oh - and if anyone has a secret direct line to twitterHQ, can you ask them to mend his follow button?


S said...

The photos look really good, it's so cool to see how Folksy peeps help each other :-)

dotterypottery said...

Great photos Nifty - I didn't realise that it came with a stone in the middle - it looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

I can see how it was hard to get good photos, but you did a good job.