Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thank you!

I feel the urge for an Oscar speech moment, thanking just a few of the people who have helped me in my quest for Meerkat World Domination!

Many of my mentors have been discovered on Folksy or Etsy forums where there is always a wealth of information to be found.

ffflowers spent hours talking me through my pricing strategy, and encouraged me to explore different ways of knitting my designs to become more efficient at what I do. Thanks Helen! Here's a bunch of your own handmade flowers for you!

Someone else who helped my enormously with pricing is Lupin.

Here's a medal (made by you!) for you Lupin!

The short version of my conversation with Lupin went like this:
Me: "My work takes 3 hours, but I can't possibly charge an hourly rate because it'd be too much, I couldn't afford to buy them at that price"
Lupin: "Your buyers aren't necessarily in the same income bracket as you."
Me: *lightbulb moment*

Photos have been (still are!) a steep learning curve. Bombus rephotographed some of my knitted flowers for me in beautifully staged settings, to show me how it could be done. Thanks Bombus - have a heart (decoupaged by yourself, naturally!)

Many many more people have helped me, and still do. I like to think I help others, too. I encourage you all to join in the community life of the forums, seek advice, take it (or not) and offer advice when you have some. Spring's coming- let's GROW!

To finish - did any of these people plan to be my mentor? No. Do they even realise I think of them as my mentors? Probably not!


Fabric Nation said...

And thank you too for all your really helpful advice! x

Helen Smith said...

*blushes a bit*
I am honoured to be considered your mentor - thank you so much! Here's to total meerkat world domination!

Kitschy Coo said...

I like this post, thanks for sharing the wealth! Lupin's conclusion is perfect.

Admin said...

I think you have offered invaluable advice on the forums. I think some people are very quick to jump down other people's throats- a lot of the time as they are being egged on on twitter.

I have now deleted accounts on both of these places. I will miss folksy a lot but I have realised I'm just a hobbyist and I want to find the joy in making things again without having to get out and tell people and find clever ways to tell people they should buy my stuff.

I'm sure no-one would be remotely interested in hosting a world tour of my gift-tags! ha!! can you imagine? but I am happy just making gifts and cards for my friends and family and the odd blog swap now.

The Folksy forums have taught me how to take much better photos- of products but also people and I will always be grateful to have found that information without having to ask for it- it was just there and I used it.

I have also made my blog a much better place with some of Haptree's amazing advice.

Sorry-I've gone on I just really wanted to agree and say that the community and the forums on Folksy are an amazing resource to anyone trying to sell their handmade items online.

Anna x

Heather Leavers said...

Anna - thank you! Enjoy your crafting, that is, after all, the most important aspect for many of us.