Monday, 8 February 2010

Etta Meerkat's tour in Texas

hosted, photographed and written by Linden Leaf Studio / Lindesigns

Etta has arrived! I met the lovely MaryAnn of Linden Avenue Designs for an Etta drop off!

As soon as we arrived home, Etta demanded a pair of cowboy boots. We couldn’t find any small enough for her, so she settled for a photo and playing with a pair of my husband’s boots. She couldn’t believe how large and pointy they were. She had fun climbing around in them and then sliding down the front like a penguin!

Etta helped me tend to my garden – watering the carrots, spinach and admiring the small orange tree.

Yes, we eat more than just meat here in Texas! :-)

Being from the UK we figured Etta knew her beer ;) so we introduced her to the famous Shiner Bock beer, made right here in Central Texas. She said it was “OK” – hmm, she’s tough!

However, after a few Shiner Bocks and some Barbeque, she settled down and spent the evening regaling us with her traveling stories.

The next day was workshop day! Etta has a new love! – Silver, Silver, Silver!!

She couldn’t quit draping herself in it. I showed her how to fuse silver together and she helped me make headpins. And no, we didn’t set Etta or anything else on fire!

She helped me make one of her gifts – a little hammered heart. We also put red rhinestones on a brass cowboy hat for her. She’s a true Texan now!

Our plans had been to take Etta for a drive in our 1965 classic convertible in the Hill Country, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. We had rain and a cold front which does not make for fun “topless” (no not that kind) driving! So we showed her the car – she’d never seen such a large “boat” before!

We have a smaller version in our home and decided to teach her to drive and let her drive around the house. Luckily we didn’t have to worry about which side of the road to drive on!

Well, she’s used to taking public transportation all over the UK so she wasn’t the best driver – she was a bit crazy and wild – Although she did have a gleam in her eye while cruising down the staircase, so I think she has a bit of the race car driver in her! Go, Speed Racer, Go!

Weekend - I spent the weekend teaching her how to speak Texan and making the Hook ‘em Horns sign. She didn’t care much for some of the twangs and drawls and thinks we just need to learn proper “English”.

However, she did learn to say “Ya’ll” properly and now puts it at the end of every sentence. Sorry to the next person who has to listen to that! :-)

I think I corrupted Etta enough, she drank, set things on fire, ate barbeque and cookies and learned to drive!

Time for Etta to head up north to Illinois to see Laura of Lamaworks! Etta helped pack her box and I gave her a final snack – a famous Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie! I think I’m missing some, so if you see a few crumbs in her traveling box, I’m pretty sure those are Etta’s! I had a great time with Etta, she’s quite entertaining and I hope she had fun in Texas with me and MaryAnn!

Niftyknits says: WOW - looks like Etta has had fun! If, like Etta, you are besotted by silver, check out Linden Leaf Studio / Lindesigns ...and of course, keep track of the meerkats on their facebook page.


Laura aka LobsterLove said...

so cute!!!!

Jane Carlstrom said...

Oh NO! No! She was taught "hook-em horns" but NOT "Gig-em Aggies" :D There is nothing in this world like a Texas Aggie, believe me I know, am married to one. (google Texas A & M University to find lots about Aggies) Mine is so old that the school was a College and all male, all military when he attended.

Other than the UT bias, a perfectly wonderful visit. Delightfully told. She looks fab in the car. Such beautiful silver. No wonder she fell in love.

Heather Leavers said...

Ouch! I've googled Gig-em Aggies, and hope our renowned toad-loving team-mate can forgive this post. I should put on a "niftyknits denies all responsibility" disclaimer!

Beadstylin said...

This is so darned CUTE!! I love the part about the Shiner beer (we love that here) and her holding the headpins.

And she is adorable in that little car. All these convertibles she's riding in...she really likes those!

She seems to have a penchant for getting tangled up in wire and beads, doesn't she?

Great post there! -- Jeannie

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Cool ride!!

My Mother's Garden said...

Oh how cute! Sounds ya'll had a great time in the lone star state!

Midnightcoiler said...

They sure packed a lot into a short time! Loved hearing about the car and silversmithing- so many experiences. I think she could write a book when it's all over.

gaialai said...

Amazing picks!!! I see she had such a great time!!!

Unknown said...

How fun!! I'm so thrilled to see our little Etta having such a grand time on her journey across America! Thanks for sharing it with us Nifty. :o)

Susiem (Lynwood Jewellery) said...

Little Etta suits the red car!

Heather I am awarding you the Sunshine award for inspiring blogging
You can see what it is here:

Karen said...

Wow, this is a wonderful photologue of Etta's stay in Texas. Appreciate all of the work and planning that went into it. Well done!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting Heather and for the nice comments from everyone! I think is having a nice time!


Shari Lynne said...

I love it!!!