Sunday, 17 January 2010

This is…Nelli D

Favourite colour?

I love I can't pick a favourite..sorry

Favourite smell?

Channel Chance, and fresh bread

Favourite place?


Favourite sound?

Babies laughing

Favourite way to spend your time?

Having a picnic or dinner with my other half..talking about our days.

Favourite item in your shop of all time?

hmmm toughy...well I think it would have to be this item


which is what sparked nelli D off in the first place...I loved the ones in the shops but was always annoyed when one of the beads fell and took the others with I thought I'd make my own! As time has progressed I have learnt new techniques, such as using clip frames and inserting zippered pockets...and you will see lots more like this in 2010...


I love sparkle colour and extravagance.

Favourite shop that isn’t yours? (Apart from Niftyknits, obviously!)



well I used to be an art teacher and I would have loved to have used items such as these in my lessons..they are soooo intriguing I just love them!

Mini-Museum-Glass-Box-Assemblage from ComeDayGoDay

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learnt so far that you’d like to pass on to our readers?

Do not expect buyers to find need to find them...PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!

this is my favourite inspirational quote:

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,. It's about dancing in the rain."

Some useful links (a new one I am building myself)

and of course Twitter


nelliD said...

thanks Heather looks great although the top picture is a bit dodgy!hmmmmm

thanks I love it xx

ps I love comedaygoday

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

Another great interview and interesting blog to follow, thanks!