Monday, 25 January 2010

this is ... Kat


Favourite colour?

Duck egg – when I bought my house I had to be prevented from painting everything one colour. It’s gorgeous.

Favourite sound?

Any moment in a film when Tom Waits comes on the soundtrack and I wasn’t expecting it.

Confession time - Niftyknits had never heard of Mr Waits, and wants to send him some throat sweets ;-)

Favourite way to spend your time?

Messing about with my horse, Meg. She’s so funny, she makes the most pecualir noises, it’s like she’s desperately trying to talk to you.

Favourite item in your shop of all time?

Aargh – too difficult! I’m very fickle and it changes all the time, but I think at the moment it’s the Antoinette necklace

It was such a challenge – I had the brooch it’s made from for ages but couldn’t work out what to do with it, and then all of a sudden one evening inspiration hit. It came out even better than I iimagined.

Favourite shop that isn’t yours?

Bookity –


The things she makes are so quirky and beautiful. I’m a real bookworm anyway (when I was little I would fall down the stairs because I had my nose in a book all the time) and I love her literary quote badges and her Shakespeare garlands.

book clock by bookity

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learned that you’d like to pass on to our readers?

Don’t think it’s going to come easily – you need people to be able to find your shop and that means getting your head around social networking, business cards and shameless self promotion. Being shy and retiring won’t get you anywhere!

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Sus Morrow said...

You are already one of my fav shops as is Bookity (we must be of one mind)!

Love your pieces!!

Amanda Robins said...

Please don't let Tom Waits near any Strepsils. His voice is great, his poetry wonderful and I am so totally from his planet. He is welcome to pop in for a brew any time!
Also loving the article and fab jewellery.

Kat said...

So agree about Tom Waits Amanda - I think Nifty needs a copy of Rain Dogs to persuade her of his greatness!

Amanda Robins said...

I woke up a couple of hours ago with Martha by T Waits in my head. Haven't heard it for about 15 years. Which album is it on and why did it pop into my head?