Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More about Waggling :-)

Following on from yesterday's post: I am learning to find my red spoon!

(Apparently in American ice-cream parlours, customers are offered tastes of available flavours using tiny little red spoons. The ice-cream vendor isn't saying "buy this flavour", they are giving away a taste, showing the taster how lovely it is - and then they buy!)

Try to identify *your* red spoon - instead of going straight for the sale, what can you give your potential customer for free, to show them how wonderful your work is?

For some online sellers this will be easier than others, I think. Tiny samples of new soap or candle scents, a sample of beads or ribbons, - I'm still pondering this one. What can I offer as a sample? (All suggestions gratefully received!)

No one night stands!

By this rather startling phrase we're reminded that the seller/buyer relationship is most fruitful to us (as sellers) if it's ongoing. Follow up your sales - has the package arrived safely? Create an expectation of a continuing relationship by offering a discount next time, or asking the buyer to sign up for your newsletter.

If you've chosen blogging to be one of your three focuses, remember to make blogging interactive.
  • Run a poll - you are an expert at what you do. If it's fashion, then run a poll about the new colours.
  • Visit other blogs and leave a comment...not just once, often!
  • Follow up comments left on your own blog.
  • Share your information, share your networks.
  • If you're now looking at your blog in a whole new way, are there some earlier posts you can rejig and repost - now that more people than just your mum and best friend are reading your words of wisdom?

If it matters - measure it!

Have you heard yourself saying "oh but I haven't got time to do that..." or "I'm too busy..." ?

Nobody has more (or fewer) hours in the day than I do. I know there is no point spending every waking hour knitting meerkats if I don't make them available for people to buy. Equally, there is no point me polishing my photos and descriptions unless I also knit some stock!

Measure and record how you're spending your time. If you've been on facebook for an hour - fine. It's your choice. How did you spend that hour? Were you networking, building relationships, playing games? Did you suddenly notice it was lunchtime?

You may well find (and we ALL know I'm talking to myself here, don't we?) that your time could be better spent. Remember the advice yesterday - choose THREE. How will you know which three? Check your records. In my own case, twitter has become a great source of contacts, friends, ideas and support. Twitter friend @KToogie gave me the caption for this Emo card when I was stumped!

My final nugget of gold from the FREE Waggleforce seminar was to spend time with my email inbox and go back through past mail. Are there some enquiries that I never got around to dealing with because I was "too busy"? (yes!)
Are there people I could be reminding of my existence by wishing them a Happy New Year? *NB be aware that unsolicited emails on Etsy are spam, and not allowed.*

So - a whole lot of new and not-so-new ideas to consider. I strongly recommend listening to the whole session, and having a wander around the site. There is a section of resources for entrepreneurs which is worth checking out - and above all, do not be afraid that you are missing out if you decide twitter (or whatever) is not for you. Whatever you choose to focus on, do it well and have fun! Life is too short to waste :-)

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Check back tomorrow for a VERY exciting competition!


Eline Oftedal said...

Very inspiering reading! Thanks for sharing.

And thanks for commenting on my blog! Vanilla pudding is a powder you make the pudding from. As I live in Norway I use a powder for making custard in the connabon dough! The turn out great!

BeadyPool said...

Nifty, re the what can I do as samples. Your cards are ideal. They show the meercat without you giving them away, with all your details on the back the person you give them to can then send it on to someone else, passing on your info at the same time.
I bought a custom made beach hut for my dad. It came with a Christmas card by the same designer. I sent it on...what do you think?

Heather Leavers said...

That's a really good idea. Certainly, one of the reasons for making the cards was that they will be passed to someone else.

Chloe said...

Thankyou for a great follow up post! :o)

I love the 'red spoon' idea.. i think mine would have to be cards or jewellery, or both!

take care x

Unknown said...

Entertaining and informative read Nifty! Well done!

Andrea berry said...

once again really great ideas I'm going to make some mini brooches as "tasters" and some "pass it on cards" I like that idea too

StudioCherie said...

Nifty, you are getting better and better all of the time. Your shop, your business savvy, your communication. Such a great example to follow. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Wonderful job, Heather! I'm sure there is something for all of us here in your fabulous report.

Pamela Zimmerman said...

yay~ TY nifty, for the direct link! I am excited, too. Now i have to figure out when i can sit down and listen to the whole thing. You are wonderful to share (thanks Rose, for starting it!)

Midnightcoiler said...

Very good information on this and your previous post.

Annette Tait said...

your red spoon could perhaps be the tip of a tail?? with a loose end awaiting the real owner to stop by in future :)

or a single meerkat whisker?

how delightful to receive a meerkat whisker!

must think of mine now :)

Heather Leavers said...

Annette that is such a fun idea - I'm reminded of when Overspill took a spare arm to the wholesaler to find me some ribbon!

Fee said...

These are really fantastic posts Nifty. Thanks so much for sharing.

Admin said...

Thank you for linking to this post in the Folksy forum.

Some very vaild points that relate to what I'm doing at the moment so definitely food for thought.

Love the meerkat whisker idea above!!

dotterypottery said...

Thankyou for your follow up advice.
I've really enjoyed reading your posts. x

I already have a red spoon without realising it. I have been sewing a ceramic button to the corner of my business cards so that customers can see the quality and rich colours of the glaze and the texture of the ceramics.

Heather Leavers said...

excellent idea spangly!

Cecca said...

Another great post, thanks!
I'm still not too sure what to do about my inability to write interesting stuff... oo, it's just all so tricky! :-)

Cecca said...

Ah, I forgot to say - postcards would definitely be a good red spoon for you :-)

cheeky rose said...

great post and i feel a card would be an ideal give away

Studio By The Forest said...

I didn't realize I was giving out "red spoons" but I guess I am. I usually tie my packages with hemp and handmade beads, buttons, and pendants. This has been a very helpful and informative post! Thank you!