Monday, 11 January 2010

Meerkats on the radio!

Last week I visited the Old Loom Mill in Hailsham to meet Felix, ace reporter for The Hub in Oxford

I took along a little meerkat who is going to be the mascot for the radio show this year - what an honour!

Eagle-eyed Folksy sellers will spot a Folksy Festive Sampler on the table with us!

(Click on the player to hear the interview)

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Felix's meerkat blog posts playing in the snow and interview with NiftyKnits

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Dig The Earth said...

Go Nifty! Well done! I will listen to it tonight when I'm at home :D

Felix said...

I am loving having the Meerkat around! Today I am teaching him/her (still uncertain!) about 2-handed coloour knitting! :-) Thanks so much again for meeting with me and knitting us our mascot; the whole team are really excited and I can't wait for next week's show when they will get to physically meet Meerkat and argue over who gets to be Meerkat babysitter *next* week! I shall send you over my longer version of the interview right now in case you want to use that anywhere.


Felix said...

sorry I appear to have lost my spelling/grammar skillz.

I meant colour not coloour - although I am sure 2-handed coloour knitting is also good?

...and next week when the Hub Team meet, we will of course be arguing over who gets to play with Meerkat the *following* week.

Dear me. Next time I start commenting on blogs I should lay off the coffee beforehand.

EHillson said...

Well done Nifty!

Jane Carlstrom said...

Oh, what a fun read and listen.

Waterrose said...

Great interview Nifty! I liked when you said that knitting was one of the quietest things that you do.