Saturday, 30 January 2010

Arosha's ring has been named!

Voting is now over, thank to our lovely finalists and to the amazing two hundred and seventy five voters! There are extra bonuses in store, so read to the end!

In keeping with tradition, I shall announce the results in reverse order:

In third place, Moon Pebbles by Angie Larson with 33 votes,

In second place, Silver Waves by @FleurDemar with 67 votes,

And in first place, with an amazing 101 votes is VickiDiane with MoonaLuna.

Well done Vicki, a magnificent result! Arosha will be in touch to check your size so that he can make you the very first ring to bear the MoonaLuna name!

For everyone else Arosha has a real treat: there's a 15% discount on this ring for anyone mentioning "moonaluna" at check-out, and 10% discount on the whole shop right up until Feb 6 (so just in time for Valentines Day) Don’t forget – you need to mention "MoonaLuna" at check-out to get your discount.

Thanks for stopping by, I don’t think my blog has ever been so busy!
The next giveaway starts in Sunday's blog (31st) for a Valentine Meerkat, so please stop by tomorrow.


Jaci said...

Heather - great job of hosting the giveaway!
VickiDiane - it's a great name, congrats on winning!

מדף הספרים של אפי said...

Congrat. VickiDiane!!!How exciting:)
perfect name for that beautiful ring!

Vicki Diane said...

Am going to faint with HAPPINESS !! (Dancing naked to Abba now YAYYYY !!!!!!!!! )
Love you Arosha and can't WAIT till you put that ring on my finger !! WOOOPS I mean *send me the MOST gorgeous design that I shall cherish* !!!!!
Thanks to ALL who voted especially the people I bribed ;)

Unknown said...

How fabulous!! Congrats to VickiDiane, and to Arosha, who's beautiful rung now has a fabulous name!

Very cool!

CrazyDaisiesDesigns said...

WOW Congrats Vicki and WOW Arosha what a great ring!


Annette Tait said...

Congratulations to Vicki!! and to Arosha for his beautiful creation!
look forward to stopping by tomorrow Heather :)

westbournegrove said...

Congratulations VickiDiane!!
Arosha, great event!!

Pamela Zimmerman said...

wonderful name, great idea for an event, i think everyone was the winner here, and that is impressive!

Arosha said...

Thank you everyone for making this event such fun!
Thanks Heather for being such a gracious host - that English tea was fantastic!
Thanks Vicki for honoring my ring with your name - what a joy!
Thanks to all the other participants - your imagination and creativity were the best!

Done with the Oscar speech, good week to you all!


Vicki Diane said...

May February bring the same exciting tingles up and down my spine and I don't mean my trapped name has returned ;)
A last BESO to dear Arosha from his open secret admirer in Espana.
Grazi mille xxxx
All posts here deserve a ((HUGG))
Thankyou xxxx