Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Famous in Canada?

Read about me in the Toronto Star!

I was sent this link by Nina of UberCherry and am thrilled to see the inhabitants of Toronto are able to appreciate the awesomeness of a Meerkat Christmas ;-)

Meerkats available here and Greeting cards here

Ubercherry.etsy appears to be having a rest right now, but why not check back soon?
Ubercherry blog


Nic said...

And don't tell me...more orders for them? I'm loving the fact that Regretsy is getting you sales :D

├╝bercherry said...

awesome! thanks so much for the "shout out"! and i have NO regrets that regretsy turned me on to your cute critter creations!

rbc life insurance said...

Thanks a lot for the links. Interesting. Yeah, the inhabitants of Toronto surely are able to appreciate stuff like this. I think I've got ideas for Christmas gifts of couple of my friends.