Wednesday, 7 October 2009

This is... FishStikks! aka Debi

Favourite colour?

Lime green or acid green. I use it in every single piece I do although sometimes it is barely noticeable. I feel like nothing is complete until I have used that color on it or in it. I'm just not sure where that particular obsession stems from.

Favourite smell?

Blueberry cheesecake.
My friend makes soy tarts and she gives me this particular 'flavor' by the bags full. I just can't get enough of them!

Favourite place?

Any where at home. I never used to be a home body but something shifted in the last couple of years and here I sit. Just bought a jacuzzi from my neighbor who is moving so being a home body just took on a whole new meaning, at least once the electrical is run out to it.
My studio where I love to be. I have lots of my most favorite things there and being surrounded by things I love really makes it a place of comfort.

Favourite sound?

I have fur babies, the small rodent type. When I pass out their treats for the night and they all pick out their favorite from the mix the cacophany of sounds that ensues is the most pleasing sound there is for me right now. I thoroughly enjoy their enjoyment.

Favourite way to spend your time?

You mean when I'm not procrastinating?
I love movies and I love playing with the fur kids so one of my ultimate favorite things is watching movies WITH the fur kids, hehe.
They love scary movies as long as they aren't portrayed badly. Disney has been another favorite of theirs. Remy in particular loves Ratatouille.

Favourite item in your shop of all time?

That has to be Maddie and Margo, my big eyed birds. It's a mother and daughter pair named after two of my favorite fur kids.


Maddie and Margo were very special to me. I name all my big eyed birds after my fur kids, past and present but these two really touched my heart.

Favourite shop that isn’t yours? (Apart from Niftyknits, obviously!)

Well of course I love Niftyknits best but if I were to pick a shop or two that I find myself drawn to over and again I guess I would have to pick mummysam , lulubugjewelry and ObsoleteWorld one of my very first purchases.


I love the quality of mummysam's work and aspire to one day own something great!

(Niftyknits is in love with Horace by mummysam
I've had an idea of a pendant I would like to have done by lulubugjewelry and I adore the concept of concrete jewelry and ObsoleteWorld just has such a rich imagination. The print I bought sits above my fireplace. I adore it.

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learnt so far that you’d like to pass on to our readers?

Picture quality.
It's an everyday learning experience for me. Why just today I finally learned all about the white balance on my very own camera. Wow, what a difference this makes.

Even though I didn't (and haven't...yet) read my owners manual I highly suggest doing this for your own camera and learn not only about your white balance setting but also about your macro feature. Can't stress it enough.

Niftyknits adds: I read my owner's manual recently - and oh my goodness I so wish I'd read it years ago. Do it. Do it NOW!

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Waterrose said...

What a great interview and I would have never realized that there is a "green" in every piece. Enjoy your scary movies with your furry friends!

leapinggazelle said...

Debi I absolutely love your work! It's so rich with color and imagination. I feel like there's a story with every piece. It's so great to know a little bit more about the artist behind the art.

Unknown said...

I just love all of fishstikks creations. It is great to get to know her better.

AMIdesigns said...

What a great interview! I too love green but am not obsessed by it :D

My Mother's Garden said...

Another great interview! Debi's work is so truly unique! I love that she names each piece after one of her fur friends.

Beadstylin said...

Loved this! Great learning more about "fish" and her lovely big-eyed birds. Debi, you are so talented!

FishStikks said...

Thanks so much Nifty for the wonderful interview! I really enjoyed answering your great questions, made me stop and think of lots of things too!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and visiting too, how fun!

Thanks again Nifty!

Jane Carlstrom said...

Hi there, am very late, but at last have arrived. Debi is one of my favorite artists, so enjoy her blog and her Etsy shop. So this was a fun read and nice to learn more about Debi and her work.