Monday, 5 October 2009

Quotes of the day ;-)

Picture the scene: small boy gazing excitedly at my stall, "Look mum, there's a meerkat! There's Superman Meerkat! There's a dragon...etc etc"

Mum to small boy "You can't have one. We've got all of those at home already."

LOL! (And I really did LOL) You'd think I'd remember selling one of each of my 150+ designs to one person, wouldn't you?

Quote of the day 2, browser to NiftyKnits: "I'm looking for something cheap?"


Matt Chatterley said...

Brilliant - from the mouths of babes, so to speak. :)

Oh well, can't be perfect all the time.

I love "pumpkin-kat" by the way!

Lost in the Forest said...

My quote of the day from small boy picking everything up and throwing it down on his way past 'that's funny....that's funny....that's funny..." Thankfully not just my stall

And from last week....young woman and partner browsing - she says to him about a one off piece ...'oh, I used to have one of those'. Ha...of course you did!

People are strange.

awkward said...

You must have a lot of grace in the face of odd comments. It would be hard for me to not come up with an accidentally appalling response to the second in an attempt to be lighthearted. I'd try to be witty and only make it halfway.

The Bunny Maker said...

LOL! I have some snorter comments in my time too!

SteamPunkGlass said...

Looks like a fantastic display, and a great festival, I shall have to try and come along next year to see the epic meercats in the flesh!! (or should that be in the wool?) :-)

Melanie Ann Green said...

fantastic display... i love the things people say at craft fairs!

Midsummer Stitches said...

Stall looks great! Hmmm how about wearing ear plugs? lol :-)