Friday, 9 October 2009

My daughter is going to jump out of a plane!

(This photo is quite old!)

Is she mad? Certainly is!

This is what she says on her JustGiving page:

On 13th February 2010, I'm diving out of a plane (with a nice strong man attached to me!) 10,000 ft from the ground at 120mph, freefalling for 5,000ft. Considering I HATE heights, this may seem slightly strange. Only thing that could make it worse is if the nice strong man decided to dress up as a clown! ARGH!

(another ancient photo - think the girls were supposed to be painting her bedroom, not each other!)

Anyway, it's all in order to raise money for The Rose Road Association which is a registered charity that works with children and young people who have a range of profound and multiple disabilities. All the children and young people that go to Rose Road face extreme challenges in relation to their day-to-day lives, but the Association (and me!) believes they have the right to develop and fulfill their potential just as every young person.

(This photo is quite old too!)

As many of you know, I work on the playscheme that Rose Road runs during school holidays, and from working with the children and talking to parents I'm very aware of how important the Association is to families.

So PLEASSSSSSE PLEASE PLEASE donate whatever you can - in return you can laugh at the photos of my horrified face as I launch myself from a plane!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Proud mum here again: Why have I included ancient photos of the daughter? Well - I was just flicking through, remembering times past. So many of the milestones we take for granted in our children's lives are much more difficult for these special children to achieve. I'm very proud of my daughter for so many reasons (though I still don't know why she's scared of clowns!) and would love to hear from you if you've got any fundraising ideas she can use.

Of course - we'd also be very pleased if you were able to visit her JustGiving page and drop off some cash!


AMIdesigns said...

Good for her! I wish I had the nerve to do things like that but I just don't

BeadyPool said...

Rather her than me - I to hate heights. Good on her.
If you want to do a handmade goodies auction or something similar to help her raise some money, I would be happy to donate something - just let me know. Vx

Heather Leavers said...

That is such a kind thought Beadypool, thank you.

EHillson said...

Wish her luck with the fund-raising and I do think she is very brave.