Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Knitting is better than sewing because...

I can knit at the same time as watching Star sewing machine weighs a ton and lives upstairs.

Knitting is better than sewing because I only need to know how to attach my wool to the needles - my sewing machine has diagrams (and needs a mental health warning!)

Knitting is better than sewing because I can cast on easily - but threading a needle is another matter!

I've had my sewing machine for over 20 years. Last week I discovered it has a magic needle threader. So I broke it :-(

Knitting is better than sewing because I knit in the round - I can see while I'm working that the shape is working out. This commission was a nightmare! Took me forever to work out which layer of the three went inside which.

Knitting is better than sewing because I am not even slightly scared of my knitting needles. There's good reason for this photo to be shaky and blurred - I'm terrified I'm going to "run over" my fingers!

In the end though I'm pleased with my three golf cosies. Tenterden Golf Club, where my boss plays, has a red squirrel as its mascot - and his ridiculously expensive golf clubs will now be nice and warm!

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Mrs Jelly said...

I can't believe you whipped those *fab* squirrels up and you're terrified of your machine?!
Blimey - I can only do straight lines and zips at a push!