Friday, 11 September 2009

This is...CrazyDaisiesDesigns - Jessica

Favorite color?

ooohhh I'd have to say I have a few: Green, Brown and Yellow are
my top 3.

Favorite smell?

I'd have to say again that I have a few favorites. One being my daughter she has such a great smell. Then 2 different flowers, lilacs and lily of the valley! Ohhh They smell soooo good!

Favorite place?

My bed! No kidding, I'll say my favorite place....I do love my sewing room. It's painted yellow and green! So bright and fun. Makes me feel alive! I love the little cottage we stay at in Maine. It's so peaceful I just love it. I also love the beach and the mountains. Since I live in NH I've got both only 45 min. away!

Favorite sound?

My little girl when I ask her how much I love her and she says "to pieces"! I also love when my kitty "talks to me". She is a rag doll cat and VERY LARGE and VERY FLUFFY! She chats all the time. I love music and listen to it whenever I can. I'm very eclectic I will listen to just about anything!

Favorite way to spend your time?

I LOVE reading but I have a hard time finding time to do that. I love going on adventures with my family. Even if it's to the grocery store, we make it FUN! Of course I LOVE sewing and creating but again have had a tough time finding a minute to do that. I also love taking photos and drawing.

Favorite item in your shop of all time?

WOW fav item....I'd have to go with my Leafy Green - Over the Shoulder Bag, because I love the fabrics and of course I love green! I also LOVE how the photos of that product came out.

Favorite shop that isn't yours?

OH don't make me choose!! I'll have to go check my fav' right back.... Ok my first choice would be: Marieflyfly because she has stunning, inspiring photos! I just drool over her pics! Not to mention her products are pretty great too!

Second runner up would be: Radcow because I LOVE her products! I have yet to buy anything from her but would LOVE TO!

What has been the most useful lesson you've learned so far that you'd like to pass on to our readers?

I wish I had a great pearl of wisdom to impart but I guess the one thing I would say is GOOD PHOTOS are the key! I have felt bad for so many sellers who have great stuff but not so great photos to represent themselves. Keep trying new things until you get it right. I made myself a lightbox and just tried everything until I got it right.

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CrazyDaisiesDesigns said...

Nifty!! I love it! Thanks so much for the opportunity. I'll post yours next week. Hugs, Jessica

Silja Erg said...

CrazyDaisiesDesigns sounds like a fun person :))

Unknown said...

Great feature!!! I have a cat that talks too, its so cute! I love that green little quilted bag, very nice

My Mother's Garden said...

Heather and Jessica,
Great interview! I can feel Jessica's zest for life!