Thursday, 3 September 2009

This is .... Krystle Walsh

of dkjewels and NinjaBowtique

Favourite colour?

Favourite smell?
Jasmine, Or my mom's lasagna and garlic Bread YUMMO

Favourite place?
Snuggled up in my hunnys shoulder is my prefered location. But if you mean actual place, the beach: it inspires me, refreshes me and just plain makes me happy :)

Favourite sound? My kids laughter, I love when they are truly happy.

Favourite way to spend your time? Creating things, I like to refinish furniture, sew, make hairbows, etch glass, cook, paint. And playing with my kids, cuddling with my hunny when he is home. I'm pretty simple.

Favourite item in your shop of all time? Oh this is hard. My Copper sakura earrings were one of my favorite creations.

Why? They are so simple and yet so elegant. I wish I could have kept a pair.

Favourite shop that isn't yours?

Just one??? This is harder than picking my own item. Is one of my all time favorite shops to look at. I would buy one of each print if i could.

Why? Absolute beauty and inspiration all in one. And I love quotes, bible verses and written word (after all I do take my pictures on a dictionary)

What have been the most useful lessons you've learnt so far that you'd like to pass on to our readers? Take amazing pictures! and Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can't please everyone.

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Krystle said...

Thank you so much for this great feature on your blog!

Lorrie said...

Great feature hun, bookmarked those shops..

Sandy said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love to read about fellow artists.

Beadstylin said...

Beautiful pictures and creations for a beautiful person!

CrazyDaisiesDesigns said...

Wonderful interview!! Love the photos!

My Mother's Garden said...

Great interview! Krystal's jewelry is so pretty!

Jaci said...

Krystle, it's nice to get a little peek at you! I love my kid's (and other kids, too) laughter also - it just makes me happy :)