Friday, 25 September 2009

Red Alert!

"Red Alert! There isn't enough ribbon left for a replacement crew - set scanners to max!"

It was a meerkat emergency - I had exhausted the stock of ranking ribbon, and the local shop wasn't able to re-order. What to do?

Luckily, Captain Kirk was able to twiddle the knob on his communicator until he picked up some vibes from Overspill ... and we sent her an arm. (Well, we always thought that particular crewman was 'h'armless)

Armed with the arm, our trusty crewmate set off across the galaxy went to the wholesalers and came back with a very close match.

Logically, this means there will still be Meertrekkies for sale :-)

For customer service you can do no better than to try Overspill and her sister-shops. Live long and prosper, Cal!



Caroline said...

lol! Thank you love.

I can still see the D's face when I drew the arm out of my pocket to show him what I needed. It got even better when I explained what it was. He's now convinced that not only am I 2 buttons short of a full card, but that my customers shouldn't be let loose with sharp objects :-)

Goblinf said...

oh that's hilarious! and amazing customer service.