Thursday, 6 August 2009

This is...TalulahBlue

favourite colour?

cobalt blue

favourite smell?

roman chamomile oil

favourite place?

a secret location in Cornwall, with a stream and acres of woodland to explore.

favourite sound?

is the tide whooshing back and forth.

favourite way to spend time?

is messing about in rockpools.

favourite item in my own shop: always the newest item...Marie Antoinette coral ankle cuff.

Favourite shop? I love Her shop is an inspiration to aesthetics.

What is the most useful thing I've learnt about selling on-line?

Patience and great photos. But there are many other useful tips, such as promoting and most of all, enjoy it, because it's time consumming and life's too short not to feel passionate
TalulahBlue at Redbubble


Sue said...

Woo Hoo nifty!!!
I like your artistic interpretation of my pics, it looks fab.
{ A burlesque meercat would be cuuute!}

Jane Carlstrom said...

So glad to meet talulahblue --- great read, super pics and another fabulous artist on the NK blog. wowzer.

Heather Leavers said...

funny you should say that tallulah - a colleague gave me a piece of a feathery fan and I instantly thought *burlesque meerkat*!

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

I'm loving the fans :)

Meltem said...

Gorgeous items on her shop! It was so much fun and very nice to read this interview. Thank you niftyknits!

Jaci said...

Love the items Talulah makes!