Monday, 3 August 2009

Richard the Outsider Artist

*please click on the photos to enjoy them more fully*

On the A229 in Hawkhurst is an amazing garden.

Since moving to Kent four years ago we have often driven past and said to each other "We must park and look at *that garden* properly one day"

Today was the day!

Why is it amazing? Well - just look!

Our plan (such as it was!) was to wander past, maybe stop and stare a while, and snatch a quick snap.

But I'm so very pleased to say that our plan did not work - because Richard the Outsider Artist spotted us and invited us in.

Richard talked to us about his life and his art, introduced us to his family - and I feel we've made a new friend.

I'll let him tell you about himself in his own words, on

Richard says on his website "I like to feel that what I’m doing is contributing to other’s quality of life so I invite you to watch this space."

I'd just like to say THANK YOU Richard - you add to my quality of life every time I smile at your garden.


OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

What a lovely article - Richard sounds like a unique character to share so many aspects of his life with strangers in such a selfless way. Thanks for sharing

Pamela Zimmerman said...

So cool. I would love to sit in that garden awhile. So glad you stopped in and made a new friend, and that you shared it with us!

Bonzai Beadwear said...

what great photos!!

Jaci said...

I love looking at gardens that go beyond the expected! Thanks for sharing this with us :)

Fabric Nation said...

This looks wonderful and good fun. I love places like this. Just posted my Makey Do pics too.