Monday, 27 July 2009

Strange creations in the forest

Geocaching in Kings Wood we discovered huge sculptures.

The first one we saw brought out my "grumpy old woman" because as far as I can tell it is *just* a fence. In my opinion Art is about communication, and this says nothing to me except "Why bother?"

After getting home we looked up the artist on the website (I'd have liked to have been able to read this at the time, why weren't there info boards in the Forest?)

"Peter Fillingham: The Last Eleven Years, 2004/5

Peter Fillingham has designed a railing to lead you through the forest, but it doesn’t lead anywhere in particular and is at times quite hard to follow. As a fence it keeps nothing in or out but disappears into the trees its end unseen. Made by a local fencer in softwood it sits lightly in its forest surroundings drawing a line through the forest and raising the question, Is it an artwork or is it a Forestry construction? A piece for your imagination to play with."

The next piece, Ring by Rosie Leventon I liked.

The reflections of the trees in the water were lovely - but I can't help feeling they'd look just as lovely in one of the numerous natural ponds.

Score for a hole in the ground by Jem Finer looked interesting, but again no information board meant we'll have to wait till we go there again (now that we've read up) to fully appreciate it.

Jem says "it is a post-digital work that relies purely on gravity and water to generate music. Inspired by suikinkutsu, water chimes found in temple gardens of Japan, Score for a Hole in the Ground uses tuned percussive instruments, played by falling water, to create music."

We thought maybe you were supposed to chuck stones in it...sorry ;-(

Most beautiful *art* we saw on this walk?

This communicates with me. Awe, wonder, fragility of nature, delicate colours, the softness and texture of the wings, the ephemeral nature of life...


terraworks said...

The creations and your writings were wonderful. Enjoyed each photo and LOVED the butterfly.

jennyflowerblue said...

Oh Bum, I could have told you about the water gramaphoney thing- there are som pics on my blog of our visit a year-ish ago. We liked the woods, did you find the very dark wood igloo? xx

Heather Leavers said...

the cloud chamber (as the gloomy igloo is known!) yes! went in a bit, took flash photo to see if there were bears. apparenly it works like a pinhole camera, there is a shite circle on floor where you can see the treetops and clouds - but I didn't go in that far. scared of bears.