Tuesday, 14 July 2009

NiftyKnits is published!

My blog post about Mersham Knitted village was spotted by Let's Knit magazine. They asked me for a quote and to send me a photo of the house I bought. They said they'd credit me and link to my shop and send me a copy - none of which happened, sadly. However, a former colleague and a friend from years ago both contacted me after seeing my "real life" name and sent me a scan.

Click on the piece to enlarge, and learn by my mistake. Always make sure you're *paid* (in whatever sense) first.


John said...

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Fantastic pictures. Wow...

I like your blog.

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Keep blogging.
Have a nice day.

Sue said...

it's fantastic that you've been spotted by a magazine, well done, youre pics are lovely and it gives us all hope!

Kirsty said...

Glad you managed to get a copy in the end - my OH got sent away on business before he could scan it for you.

Love your blog - especially the pond life bit as I too have a pond, albeit a very small one.


Amy V. said...

I'm glad you're published - congrats! Hopefully they will at least send you a copy later. (When my yarn came back from Spin Off - it took a little while.) Shame on them for not delivering the shop link that they promised!

Unknown said...

Lovely Blog! The photos of the Bay are enticing; very beautiful. It's really sad they couldn't have typed a small web address in return. Wouldn't have cost them a dime, but they chose not to. :(

Thanks for some good reading,