Sunday, 26 July 2009

Live music from Twitter!

Strange but true.

You know everyone says how careful you have to be when meeting folk from the wild world of the web?

True, of course, but I've made so many new friends via Twitter recently.

Yesterday was our third visit to the Hoodener's Horse pub where we met Twitter friends @HoodenersHorse and @pannage (and Mrs "@Pannage") and were entertained by a pair of trumpeters known as The Trumpettes (On twitter they are quite naturally known as @trumpette1 and @trumpette2 !)

It was a great evening, enlivened by the small girl who danced and encouraged us all to join in - so if you're looking for a novel entertainment get in touch with the Trumpettes.

I should also add (rapidly, before @HoodenersHorse gets upset) that the pub food is second to none, particularly if you're a fan of REAL Mexican cooking. See you there next time?


Agnieszkas Shoes said...

Wonderful! I would love to see the Trumpettes play live. Your title got me thinking - wouldn't it be lovely to have a real life twitter culture festival?

The View From the Shoe interview with Nifty Knits is about to go up, by the way.


Kitschy Coo said...

Listen, can you tormenting me with your fabulous social life? I want to come next time :(

Hoodeners Horse said...

Strangely enough it was with some trepidation that I organised the first Ashford get together and with some relief that the attendees all turned out to be my kind of people.

I'm sure the Trumpettes won't mind me saying that I was taking a calculated risk when I booked them never having seen them and things turned out extremely well thanks to support from Twitter friends and regular diners as well as the excellent Trumpettes.

As for our Mexican food we do what we can! Regards Hoodeners Horse

Heather Leavers said...

LOL @kitschycoo my social life got even better the next day. we went to a beer festival to see morris dancers. the morris dancers didn't, and the beer had run out.

Barbara Saul said...

I did miss being there too - thanks for the photo and sharing the evening with us, Nifty! Hopefully see you again soon @HoodenersHorse. And I can thoroughly recommend the chips too (Andy knew I'd say that!).