Sunday, 19 July 2009

Let's meet...Glassprimitif

Funny Face Magnet

I'm being kind today - I haven't sent my guest crafter the lengthy list of questions! Jo runs Glassprimitif, home of unique, contemporary and quality fused glass. She says she loves bright colours and in-yer-face design and seeks inspiration in E numbers and artificial colourings in food.


Glassprimitif is also very inspired by patchwork quilts and bases many of her designs on these. Jo uses mostly Bullseye glass (the best quality) as it has the brightest colours and the best dichroic coatings (CBS).

Aegean Sea

She spends hours creating new designs from drawings to cutting, from grinding to cleaning, from fusing to slumping. Each piece is individually made - hence the claim - Unique, Contempory, Quality.

Transparent Twisties

Check out Jo's blog for tutorials and snippets on Glass Making and lots of other stuff too.

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Glassprimitif is currently having a summer sale of glass dishes. Many are now half original price! My favourite is the lovely Tangerine piece I've featured above, just in case hubby is reading ;-)


Glassprimitif said...

Wow! Thanks very much. Great blog. Jo

Sweetpea4kids said...

Great find!! What an artist.

ViolaMaths said...

"Aegean Sea" is absolutely beautiful.

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

I love Jo's pieces!