Sunday, 14 June 2009

Knitted Jewellery Giveaway!

Well - actually some is crocheted, but I think you'll forgive me.

Stop waffling Nifty - what do you win?

Your prize will be whichever jewellery item you choose from my Folksy shop,

HOW do you win?

Seemples! Leave a comment telling me (1) your favourite not-a-meerkat item from my Folksy shop and (2) the jewellery item you would like if you win. Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you.

***Please note there is way more jewellery in my shop than is shown here!***

Good luck - I'll draw the prize on Wednesday. Open to all - Folksy is now open to buyers from outside the UK, but not yet for overseas sellers. I *love* overseas buyers!



porridgelady said...

I'm I'm loving the Mohair corsage brooch, the colour is fab and the add of the leaves make it a turly lovely brooch.

Yes this is what I want to win!

Jo Hannah said...

My favourite non-meerkat item in your Folksy shop is this pin cushion

I like the colours and the little pot!

I would like to win the pink corsage featured in your blog entry. It's really pretty and I have just the jacket for it!

Silky Prudence said...

I am quite head over heels with your gorgeous little oast house. It's too sweet for words!

And I'm also coveting your gorgeous turquoise barrette - yummy!

Aleximo said...

I love the Spring Flowers in your shop, and the flower pin cushion too. I'd like to win the aqua mohair corsage, looks so fluffy!

my7kids said...

LOVE the Loose Woman Morris doll

And if I win, I would choose the pink floral bracelet or the red mohair brooch (surprise me!).

Thanks for the chance to win!

jesus_iscomin AT yahoo DOT com
and at twitter!
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Sharon said...

I love love love the red stripey elf hat in your folksy shop. It reminds me of a hat I tried to knit once upon a time, before I realised I cannot knit of course. :]

I would equally love to win of one of the adorable mohair corsage brooches. I don't mind what colour(to be honest I don't think I could choose just one 'cause they are so pretty)!

If I am so lucky to win you could contact me on twitter( or I should be in your list of followers somewhere. I'd prefer not to leave my email here as I want to avoid spam but I could direct message it to you if I win.

*crosses fingers and toes*

Heather Leavers said...

I agree with sharon - please don't leave email addresses here, tooo much spam already!

littlewitch said...

i love your pink corsage brooch, its so fluffy and summery. I'd love to win one.

my shop is

please contact me there.

Kanga_Rue said...

So hard to pick, I keep changing my mind!

But I love the cream mohair corsage with the yellow centre, it's gorgeous - and perfect for summer! It reminds me of frangipanis, one of my favourites.

Bigbluebed said...

It was a tough one as I love lots in your shop.

But this is beautiful and useful so my favourite is the pincushion (but the mermaid was a close second).

And I would like to win the flower barrette

Unknown said...

I love your knitted daffs, but I would love to win the fluffy scarf.

I have a bit of a thing for scarves.

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Favourite non meerkat thing, hmmmm... too many good things to choose from - the curly scarves are fab, the pincushions and the dachshund.

My favourite piece of jewellery is the pink flower bracelet, I love that - it reminds of those little iced midget gem biscuits my gran used to give us when we were little!

Heather Leavers said...

I liked iced gems too - but they don't taste anything like as nice these days.

FunkyJunkJewellery said...

Ooooh, Spring Flowers necklace (pink) and that's also what I would choose if I were a lucky girl!

Phew - took soooo long to decide! :D

Scavengerbird said...

I love the little lion! And if I won I'd choose the Pacman necklace, it's amazing.

melissabrannan2 said...

hey im melissa i would like the chance to win ur toy teen cat doll its so adorible and its my sons bday on 4th july he will be 2 x it would be great to give him something so lovely and unique so please choose me and joshua xxx my twitter is melissabrannan2 xx

The Giveaway Diva said...

i love all your pin cushions! very cute!!! i would love to win the flowers bracelet

Anonymous said...

I rather fancy the cow.
And i would LOVE to win a barrette. However if that is not considered jewelry, I like the earrings too! Truth told I love everything Nifty!

londicreations said...

I love the 1st one! oh so pretty! kiss!

Sweetpea4kids said...

Difficult to chose amongst such great items. However, Im a huge corsage fan and this would look gorgeous on my summer jacket.

Have a good day!

londicreations said...

I love the 1st one! Oh so pretty! Kiss

Heather Leavers said...

don't forget to fulfil BOTH requirements peeps :-)

Matt said...

My favourite non-meerkat item is also the one I would choose - the pacman necklace.

Another brilliant idea. I'd say "inspired", but don't want to inflate your ego too much, Knifty... ;)

Balance From Within said...

I love the corsages especially the mohair - and the pink flowery bracelet. However, due to many happy memories and hours spent (some in the last year with xboxlive) I have to say my absolute fave is the Pacman necklace! and I would love to win that item - now you know my "secret" non knit or get outside study break.

inbal weisman said...

Spring flower pincushion is gorgeous and also the Flower Fairy doll (I love her!)

A bracelet will be my choice of wining!

Inbaliya at

adelle said...

Ooh.. It's winter in Australia at the moment and well, I am soooo looking forward to spring. Maybe the spring flower bracelet will help me get through this terrible winter ...

Great blog by the way.. I'll be back.

throuthehaze said...

the pac man necklace is cool. if i won i would like the Flower hair clip

Jane Carlstrom said...

HI Nifty, the green dragon captivates me

All your work is wonderful. What a fun giveaway. I'd take the turquoise mohair flower pin and wear it on one of my hats. :D

Debbie said...

Hi Nifty!
My favorite item is the yellow hair clip, and that's also what I would choose if I win.
It's jewelry for hair, right? ;-)

You know where to find me!

Heather Leavers said...

I definitely consider the hair thingies to be jewellery - and as folksy doesn't let us have categories, it's fine.

Hilary said...

The blue flowery hair barette, that'd be perfect for my daughter!

Contact me on twitter @haptree

EmaHossain said...

I love the cream mohair corsage with the 5 skeletal leaves, that's the one I'd pick and I'd wear it all summer, even though it's spring one! Too gorgeous to hide away!

Amy V. said...

- fave item is the green dragon. (though the Morris Dancer toy doll was right up there too!)
- jewelry item: pacman necklace! (That so rocks!)

Avlor (on Etsy) or avlorsimprints on Twitter.

Melanie Ann Green said... i love this corsage, it's also my fave non meerkat item in your store!

Lori/doodypops said...

NON meerkat item? Well that a tough choice, especially with the Trekkie meerkats on the scene. But Ok, I pick the orange flowers hair clip! hmmm, that wasn't too hard after all!

Lori/doodypops said...

PS Item I would like to win is the same as my favorite, the orange flowers hair clip!!

Heather Leavers said...

Competition now closed - off to to find a winner :-)