Sunday, 28 June 2009

Butterflies, boars and birds.

I do love a spot of alliteration ;-)

We went to the Rare Breed Centre today, to a craft fair. They'd told me it was full so I couldn't have a stall. It wasn't full, but neither did it seem to have many people with bulging wallets. Maybe next year.

We wandered through their butterfly tunnel:

These are the famous "Tamworth Two" and are supposedly similar to ancient wild boars. I'm puzzled why they escaped from an abattoir if, as the signs on their enclosure suggest, they are rare and endangered.

The centre also has several birds of prey. They are very beautiful, but it wasn't good to see them chained in small cages.


Diane Cransac said...

I can tolerate seeing animals in a zoo if they are in VERY large enclosures that are naturalized and the animals seem content. Anything less drives me crazy. I can understand the need to try to protect endangered species. I dont understand the need to lock them up in little cages. Poor dears!

Heather L. Smith said...

What beautiful photos of the birds and beasts!

Unknown said...

Its a pity about the craft fair, but maybe a good thing you weren't able to get a table.

I couldn't have done the butterfly tunnel, it sounds closed in and butterflies fall into my "winged beastie" category.

Yeah, I'm a wuss!