Saturday, 23 May 2009

Let's meet...Bazketmakr!

Pamela of Bazketmakr is an Etteam member who makes intricate woven ware using pine needles, horse hair and still manages to make time for other works of Art!

So what is she like?

Cats or dogs?

Most of my life I would have said cats...but since I had my first dog, 19 years ago, I have to say I have changed. We have two now, large retrievers.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Since the advent of the flip phone, I have had the urge to say "Beam me up, Scotty!" It is an impulse that is hard to suppress. With the comeback of the newest film, I have come back to Star Trek. I did not stay up with it in all the in-between stages, but loved the original when I was a kid. In between, I did love Star Wars.

Fruit or chocolate?

I am picky about both...American chocolate is the pits. I go for dark sweet cherries and Swiss chocolate.

Favourite colour?

definitely least, that is what color my toenails are this summer. Last year I think they were pink or brown.

Favourite meal?

I really love salad...the huge salad bar type. Lots of choices.

City break or weekend in the country?

I have been living in a small southern town for almost 20 years, so nowadays I like to visit the city. Before then, I would have said country.

Soaps or documentaries?

Documentaries. But then, I really don't watch TV much at all.

Bath or shower?

These days, I move too quickly to take a bath at home...but get me to a hotel, without the family, and I would stay in a hot tub or bath until I almost pass out! I guess I like some of everything!

Now we’ve got you warmed up…

What brought you to Etsy? Tell us about your shop (or shops) Do you sell anywhere else?

One of my friends told me about it. I was skeptical. Now, I am pleasantly surprised. 20 years ago, who would think you could sit in your home and sell stuff to people in other countries, without a middleman? It is magical! At this point, I have left all the galleries I was previously selling with. Am searching for new ones. I am looking for a place to show art pieces at this point.

What’s the favourite item you’ve made so far?

It changes with what I am working on, but I really love my "big girl," the sculpture titled "Naturally Endowed." She was a very intensive thing to make. She has over 400 stakes in her body alone (not counting her arms,) and required over 100 hours just to weave...that was AFTER I made her feet and head and fired them, and made an armature to weave her over. I have notecards with her image on them in my etsy shop. She will soon be on display at "Fiber Celebrated," an art show in New Mexico.

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learnt (about Etsy) so far?

Promoting myself. I am not very skilled at selling, and I don't really like to talk about my work, so I have to work hard on promotion. It is difficult to learn, we are raised to be modest about ourselves. Here on etsy, it is a little easier because there is no face to face, and I have learned ALOT from the Etsy Treasury Team. They are an amazing bunch of people!

If you could start again, is there anything you’d do differently?

I would make my shop name something simple and easy to spell and remember. I was not thinking when I signed up for my "unique" name.

How do you see your store developing?

I am going to list many more items, in all the categories I can.

What have you been doing today that I’ve interrupted?

I have been packaging some of my new tools, the Needle Grabber. I never thought I would invent a tool, but it is having some success, and I am very happy to share it with needle and wire workers.

What’s your top marketing tip for today?

I am loving all the information presented in the Storque. Being part of the Etsy Treasury team has really opened my eyes to the resources available on etsy, and how you have to promote yourself. I would tell any new seller to join an active team, and learn from your peers!

Thank you! What a fabulous range of goods - to see more, go to


Jane Carlstrom said...

Nice article, lovely intricate work, am always impressed and amazed by those who do miniatures. Best wishes on finding the right art galleries for showing your work.

Sweet Surrender Candles said...

Love the artcile and I agree about how amazing the internet is. our parents/ grandparents could have never had the chance to have a business from home selling all over the world like we do - I feel very fortunate!

Sue said...

I love Pamela's work, it is so creative and original! Thank you for giving us a tiny glimpse into her life.