Friday, 8 May 2009

I won a blog prize!

I entered a blog competition at and won a gift voucher to spend at

After much deliberation I chose these lovely earrings.

Totoro isn't getting to keep them!


Nic said...

Well done with the competition. Those earrings are lovely. You will have the best dressed ears for miles around, Nifty, with all of your prize earrings :)

Nicola said...

Oooh they're very pretty.
They do suit him but I'm sure they'll look better on you :)
Nic x x

Heather Leavers said...

nic - gotta be innit to winnit...I odn't tell you about the gazillions I enter and fail to win!

AMIdesigns said...

I was just about to ask if you have ever entered and not won nifty. you must be born under a lucky star :)

Midnightcoiler said...

Very pretty! You're so lucky!