Thursday, 30 April 2009

Litter louts part 2

Way back when I blogged about a litter-picking walk.

We've often taken a small plastic bag out walking since, but yesterday we did another marathon litter pick.

One bin bag and one largish shopping bag later - we had to admit we couldn't carry any more. In fact, a mile from home I gave up and sat with the rubbish while husband went to fetch the car.

Why do people do it? In one field we found what had presumably been a party, cans and bottles everywhere. the revellers had even left 2 full bottles behind, but there was rather too much mud to put them in my fridge.

This last "altered" bottle - hmmm, is it something to do with illicit substances?


Paula said...

Wow - I have never thrown trash out of my car window and I can't believe so many people do and how much it builds up. It's great to be the one that cleans up the mess instead of making it!


Heather Leavers said...

It's such a strange thing to do, isn't it? wish we could have taken it all back to original throwers, but recycling is next best.

Noodlefish Crafts said...

I once saw a guy stop his car, empty his ash tray onto the pavement and drive off. :(

Sue said...

Littering is such a scummy thing to do. The field party rubbish doesn't surprise me abit, as the same thing happens here when a huge crowd of kids get together, drinking - and yes, the illegal stuff too.

I applaud you and your hubby for attempting to clean up some of the litter.

Heather Leavers said...

we've just driven back home down part of teh same lane - and there are already some cans and crisp packets :-(

LinenandRoses said...

I hate litter droppers so much! You're really good picking it up while you're out walking. One thing I noticed while touring Europe on my honeymoon recently was the lack of rubbish in the hedgerows that you see here. Is it just the British that think the countryside is their personal dustbin? Oh don't get me started on this one!

Kitschy Coo said...

You deserve a medal. Littering makes me so mad, who raised these people?!

Linden said...

You really do deserve a medal, that's a fantastic haul, it's just so sad that the littering starts again so soon!

There are some potentially very lovely parts of our town that are totally wrecked by litter, it makes me so very mad. Especially the river, which is home to herons and fringed by beautiful trees for much of its journey through the town but disfigured by discarded fridges (I kid you not) and the usual slew of plastic carriers that have somehow got entangled in branches.

That's the second comment I've left this evening on a blog about blooming plastic carriers in trees, I hate the things (discarded plastic carriers, that is, not trees!)

Unknown said...

the state of the countryside is really annoying i live on the edge of the Lake District and was always taught to love after the space you live in.
even when we used to be the ones doing the partying(i did recognise the bong*hangs head in shame*)we claened up after our selves, made sure the fire was out 7 recovered & took our rubbish home with us.

Waterrose said...

I remember when I was young it was nothing to people to throw stuff out car windows, but is has been decades since I've seen people do that.

When we go off roading we find a lot of trash of people who go camping or out to target practice. We clean up a lot of it.