Monday, 30 March 2009

My neighbours

I live in a VERY ordinary house. We like it, but it is *not* picturesque in any way.

Yet within yards, on our daily walks, we pass these historic beauties (Did you know you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them?)

This terrace is literally at the end of our road. The houses carry a date plaque - 1870! We actually viewed one of them when we were looking for our current house, they are really cute but the rooms are tiny. There isn't a right angle to be seen, not a straight wall or corner - very sweet, but not too easy to fit furniture! Along the back of the entire row is a path, running through all the neighbour's gardens! Unusual nowadays, but it was originally the access for the coalman.

This is the nearby farm. The pond has the biggest bank of snowdrops I've ever seen, just passed, and they butcher their own meat and sell the best sasuages in the world. I love the arched porch.

Not the best local oast house, it's a bit too "done up" for me, but it is the nearest. We have a local kitchen fitter who specialises in round kitchens. Imagine.

Of course, if you're hankering after one of these lovelies but can't quite make the price, why not settle for a knitted version?

This last one is just gorgeous. Look at the angles! I can't decide if the beams and windows have "dropped" over the years, or if they were actually built like that. Soooo pretty.

I just need to sell a couple more meerkats....


louise35flower said...

Such beautiful houses! My friend lived until recently ia a 'crooked house' with sloping floors. They had to screw blocks of wood the the floors to stop the kids beds sliding towards the windows!

Betsy said...

I'm betting that last house is probably experiencing a little sloping, based on the line of the roof. You really have a lot of beautiful old houses near you! We have some old huuuuuge victorian style houses in our neighborhood that simply dwarf our home. Gorgeous, truly.

Waterrose said...

I love ancient houses. All of the nooks and crannies. And, if the same person has lived there for decades ohhh I love visiting the inside. Not many "ancient" houses here, but growing up in Ohio our house was built in the late 1800s. It was quite the challenge to get all of the layers of wall paper off...