Monday, 2 March 2009

Let's meet...BeautifulBridget!

BeautifulBridget is a fellow member of Etteam who makes amazingly intricate and off-the-wall items. Let's get to know more...

Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs, big cuddly cute ones!

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Let the force be with you.....

Hmmm, I'd have to say you've chosen the dark side with that one!

Fruit or chocolate?
How about fruit dipped IN chocolate ;)

This girl knows how to live!

Favourite colour?
Hmmmmm....can I have two? Definitely burnt yellow and rust.

Favourite meal?
Chinese baby!

City break or weekend in the country?
Actually I prefer walking along the beach when it's cool and foggy :)

Soaps or documentaries?
Soaps (particularly Days of Our Lives)

Now we’ve got you warmed up…

What brought you to Etsy? Tell us about your shop (or shops) Do you sell anywhere else?
Word of mouth brought me to Etsy (thankfully!) and I am so happy to be part of this awesome community of artists! I do sell on ArtFire and 1000Markets also but Etsy is my venue of choice.

What’s the favourite item you’ve made so far?
It's a toss up between my Peas and Carrots Scarf:

and my Super Loop Chain Necklace:

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learned (about Etsy) so far?
To be active in the community, you not only meet and get to know a ton of great people but it also keeps you out there where others can see your shop.

If you could start again, is there anything you’d do differently?
Probably try to have more items available at Christmas (and have them pre-made so that orders can go right out the door!)

How do you see your store developing?
I would just like to have as many different items as possible listed so that there is something for everyone :)

What have you been doing today that I’ve interrupted?
Well, I was going to take a much needed nap but.....

What’s your top marketing tip for today?
Be active in the forums and blog blog blog!!!

Sounds good to me! Want to know more? She's only a click away...
BeautifulBridget's shop
BeautifulBridget's blog


Jane Carlstrom said...

Good Morning Bridget. Know you from the ETTeam, so nice to get some behind the scenes scoop from Nifty. I too think the lime and orange scarf is the ultimate goodness. See ya both later on Etsy. Hugs, Jane

Sweetpea4kids said...

Great interview, Nifty. She's got great stuff, esp the apple warmer!

MissCraftyPants said...

Thank you so much for the feature Nifty! You rock and so does your blog!

Anonymous said...

Great post :) And I love Bridget's work! The apple cozy is cute ^_^

My Mother's Garden said...

Hello to Nifty and Beautifulbridget~
This was a very cool interview! Bridget's work is so unusual, I love to see such creative spirit!

Midnightcoiler said...

Fun interview Nifty! Nice hearing a bit about one of our great etteam members! of course, we know that the force is actually the Vulcan mind meld in a later incarnation, but we won't press the issue. ;-)

Jaci said...

Great interview! I love to get to know our team members through these posts, thank you so much for doing this, Heather!

Sue said...

Love her shop! Very cool items!