Monday, 23 March 2009

Human nature?

Just a few days ago I recall writing in my blog that something "quite restored my faith in human nature"...silly of me!

We went to the New Forest at the weekend. It was Mothers Day in the UK, and our daughter lives down that way. The main carpark was closed still, being so early in the year, so everyone was trying to fit into the tiny offseason space.

A chap ahead of us had just taken the last space - well, in my opinion, he'd just taken the last two spaces! - so I got out of our tiny car and asked if he'd mind moving to one side or the other, to allow us to park legally.

"No" he replied.

I couldn't quite believe my ears, so I repeated my question, indicating our very small car. He proceeded to walk around his car, checking for the complete lack of space, and repeated that it was quite impossible.

He then added that he'd be about half an hour...presumably thinking we might like to wait!

MrNifty invented a not-quite-legal space and we went off walking, shaking our heads and wishing our new friend a Good Day.

Here we see my daughter and husband modelling their contrasting styles of walking shoes...

and of course the meerkat attempted to ride an unbroken New Forest pony or two...

*good grief I need to go to the hairdresser*

When we returned to the car park we discovered our new friend had indeed gone - and in his place were two other cars.


louise35flower said...

Oooh don't get me started on bad parking so early in the week, I drive a golf in the land of 4 wheel drives, need I say more?

I see your daughter has the same taste in walking gear as mine!

Unknown said...

don't get me started either...there's nothing I can add that would not contain some swearing! glad you all had a nice mother's day anyway, looked like a great day!

lampwork beads by jo said...

i can't stand ignorance, hope you had a good day anyway

Linden said...

It is just amazing what behaviour people think they can get away with, isn't it?!

Looks like you had a great day anyway, though!

Sue said...

Love the pics of what looks like a wonderful Mother's Day you had - regardless of the ignoramus who would not move his car. Some people
(shaking head)

Heather Leavers said...

oh yes, we had a great day - but what a silly little man.