Friday, 20 March 2009

Geocaching...part two!

We've done it! We've splashed out on a GPS

and have been out on our first few geocache hunts!

The first one was actually our regular "walk to town across the fields" route, we've passed the micro caches hidden along there no end of times - but of course never saw them.

Luckily, meerkats are burrowing animals so very good at peering in dark holes...

There were four micro caches to find, each gave part of the coordinates for the final bonus cache. We've just this minute been along to find the bonus, but the world and his dog was out and about so we've had to leave it for another day.

Our next adventure started from the local garden centre and involved walking between a church and its former site. I had no idea that churches could "move".

Here's the church

and here's the nearby cache which we found, and signed the logbook.

Our walk then took us up the hill to the former church site which is now quite remote, just the graveyard remains and a few memorial trees with fabulous views all around.

More to come! I can thoroughly recommend geocaching, I only wish it'd been around when our kids were small, it's a great way to give purpose to walking from a small person's point of view.


louise35flower said...

I had heard of this before but was never quite sure how it worked, looks great fun!

Metalsgirl said...

Hi niftyknits, metalsgirl here. Thanks for your comment on my blog...New York can be pretty overwhelming - I grew up in mostly small towns in Texas so NYC was crazy for me the first time I came.

I've been to London, but not really the country side of England...but I have stayed in alittle village in Ireland that was just breathtaking. I bet the area where you live is just gorgeous - and peaceful!

Waterrose said...

Oh my goodness this cracked me looks like the meerkat had a great adventure!