Friday, 27 February 2009

When is a water tower not a water tower?

And the answer is...when it's been converted into a posh house on Channel 4's Grand Designs!

Our walk today was around the lovely village of Rolvenden, a few miles down the road, and finally I remembered the camera! I've nosed over the hedge at this house several times, but never before tried to snap it.

If you've looked at the link, or maybe remember the programme, you'll know they spent a shedload of money on it. So to my mind it's only fair they should have to have a public footpath just at the bottom of the garden!

This is the view in the opposite direction, nothing but fields and the occasional sheep.

Rolvenden is quite an "Olde Worlde" village. We walked past a windmill ...

and a couple of Oast Houses (I want one!!!!)

When we got home there wre no less than NINE frogs soaking up some rays with their little heads popped out of the pond, but they soon dived.

Caught a snap of one though...

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My Mother's Garden said...


What an interesting home. The village of Rolvenden looks like a quaint sleepy little town. I love seeing big open spaces of land.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on the 'Artists in the garden' interview. I enjoyed reading your interviews too.

Enjoy the weekend!