Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Meerkat at Howletts Zoo

We went for a day out at Howletts and thought that at least one of the meerkats should get some practise at spotting predators!

Predator? Hmmm, not sure, he's certainly very interested!

I don't think he's likely to eat a meerkat.

Definitely not a predator - this rhino is a statue!

Snakes eat meerkats :-(

Snow leopards might eat meerkats :-(

Another statue, don't be scared!

Etana the baby elephant was born just before Christmas, and still needs to suckle frequently.

Howletts Mansion looks just like home...not!

I have mixed feelings about zoos. Howletts has a great reputation for captive breeding, and for sending animals back into the wild. Many of their animals are in huge enclosures - so big in fact that you often hear people moaning they can't see any animals!

So - as a zoo, it's a good one, I think. And if it wasn't for zoos like Howletts maybe we'd have even more extinct species? But it's a shame they're necessary.


Anonymous said...

This blog post is adorable ^_^ Can't wait to see where else your lovely meerkat will go exploring :) You should make series of these. I hope the little meerkat wasn't too scared. I like how he was trying to stare the baboon down!

lampwork beads by jo said...

great blog, looks like you meerkat had a great day :-)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

those were the coolest pidctures ever! lol I was laughing!

Felicia said...

Oh my gosh. What a hoot those pictures are. I think you should turn that gorilla one into a card or something. Cute!

And I have mixed feelings about zoos too.

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Fantastic photos! I love them! Sinta is right - do a whole series of Meerkat trips!

Know what you mean about having mixed feelins about zoos though. It just doesn't feel right. I went to Howlets last year but always feel guilty at zoos . . .

Heather Leavers said...

it's the smaller cats that I feel sorry for. The big cats just lounge around, and don't seem too bothered. The smaller wild cats pace and pace and pace, they've clearly got completely set into a pattern retracing their tracks over and over. Sad.

Sarah said...

I too have mixed feeling about zoos, however i think that we are seeing the end of the 'animals in cages' days and most modern zoos are more concerned with conservation instead of the stereo typical 'zoo' - or at least i hope that is the case.

I love the pics - maybe the meerkat will have many more days out?!
x x x

Heather Leavers said...

maybe! he's very handily pocket sized ;-)

Forever Foxed said...

Looks like the meerkat enjoyed a lovely day out. So how many strange looks did you get while taking the photos, lol?

Anonymous said...

OMG..You are too funny! What a fun little story. You should write a childrens story about the Meerkat!
Thank Heather I needed a giggle

Unknown said...

OMG, Nifty! Your meerkats at the Zoo is a freaking hoot!! It totally made me spit my coffee. It is cute and adorable and very funny. They have such personality!!


Jaci said...

There used to be a blog about the adventures of the Gumbles that had quite a following until she had to quit writing due to a family crisis. Meerkats would fill that void quite nicely! :)

Midnightcoiler said...

Fun, Nifty! I can't wait to see where the meerkat will go next!