Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's snowed!

It snowed most of yesterday, but today was bright and sunny and the snow was perfect underfoot, dry and powdery and looking as though it had been sprinkled with glitter.

I spent yesterday huddled in front of the fire and crocheting myself an earflap hat. It's not a brilliant pic, but can you see the curly "dreads" on the point?

We walked across the fields to town and then back again in time for lunch. I love this area, real English countryside.


l'actrice said...

Wow you really got a lot of snow!

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry said...

I heard it had been snowing heavily in the UK this week and that they're expecting more...good luck. I've given up the fight against snow this year in Canada...we've just had tons. Good for skiing though.