Thursday, 19 February 2009

Dogs...and their owners.

*rant alert*

I live in a beautiful semi-rural area in Kent, and I like to walk. When it's muddy, I walk to town on a hard-surfaced path bordering open fields, then walk back across country. I think the shopkeepers approve of me doing it that way around, it saves them cleaning their carpets!

So far - so good.

The path is used by a lot of dog-owners, so the council have kindly provided a bin for them to dispose of their dog's little offerings.

"Aha" you're thinking - I know what she's going to rant about. She's going to rant about the dog-owners who don't clear up.

But no. I don't like dog mess underfoot (who would?) but many, maybe most, of the dog walkers I see these days do clear up after their pet.

In any case, the path is quite wide, and I am more than capable of stepping around these little mementoes.

No, my rant is reserved for the new breed of dog-owners who bizarrely bag up their pet's offerings and then chuck it, bag and all, into the buishes as (maybe?) an exhibition of modern art.

Why do they do that? It makes no sense to me. I get that they don't want to carry around a bag of poo - who would? But surely if you want to chuck it off the path into the bushes, there's no benefit to bagging it up first? Even if the bag is biodegradable it isn't going to happen any time soon! (And some of the bags on my regular routes have been there a long time)

Maybe they think the council employs someone to go around looking for their little bags of doggypoo?

*rant over*

Bottom (no pun intended) line is - this is the type of dog I like!


Jane Carlstrom said...

LOL, Ok I get it, no pooper port on this knit doggie.

Though, have seen some with a port that pops out jelly beans when tummy is squeezed.

Geez, may be ancient, but the brain and sense of humor is still age 5 years.

Linden said...

It's really weird, isn't it, Nifty?! When we were on holiday in Wells Next The Sea last year we found exactly the same thing, every time we walked through the pinewoods. Neat little baggies of dog poo, carefully tied to fences or tree branches...just so bizarre, if you're going to bag it, why on earth not take it home?

The only explanation we could think of is that as the pinewoods are an English Heritage site perhaps the dog owners think there's someone employed to pick up the bags, the same way people are employed in towns to go around with those long grabby sticks picking up litter.

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Grrr, if they are going to take the time to baggie it, why not just walk that bit further and bin it?

I get mad at the doggie owners who leave the poop on the floor too though. With two kids who never watch where they are going the walk to school and home has become a minefield (literally).

Heather Leavers said...

That may be right, Linden. We walked around Bewl Water recently, and the problem there has been so extreme they even have signs up saying "we do NOT employ someone to collect your bags of dog poo so please do not abandon them"

Linden said...

Glad to hear they are taking action, Nifty - I think we may post a little suggestion in the direction of English Heritage that they do the same in Holkham Woods - or anywhere they have control of, for that matter!

jennyflowerblue said...

God, how sad is that? A sign saying 'we don't collect your poo' I mean, lord above what's next. "No one here will cut your toe nails even if you do sit with your socks off on this bench all day"-"although this is a public convenience no one is employed to pull up your knickers for you"? What do people except?- Ooo that was an infectious rant!

Heather Leavers said...

If only I'd realised earlier that so many people were interested in poo... ;-)

lampwork beads by jo said...

ooo,one of my pet hates, no pun intended lol.
i have the same problem where i live. If your going to bag it then carry on the job and put it in the bin!

Forever Foxed said...

Oooo, as a dog owner, I too am dismayed by this seemingly common practice. But please don't tar us all with the same brush! Some of us are super careful and vigilent, honest!