Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Folksy Make the News...

Well folks - it was a long and nerve-wracking day of waiting for the winner to be announced.

DaisieDavies (whose entry was a response to Facebook's decision to remove "offensive" photos of breastfeeding mothers)

and my shop's entry

(in memory of Oliver Postgate)

were neck and neck all day long, but at the end of the evening there was a sudden flurry of very dodgy-looking votes so poor old Folksy admin had to burn the midnight oil sorting out individual IP addresses.

The judges decided to award a tie, so both Daisie and myself now get £20 to spend in Robson and Mason.

Thanks very much to all our voters - and please come back and check out FOLKSY at your leisure, now the excitement of voting has died down!

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Morphologica said...

Yay Congrats Nifty!!
xx VintagePrincipessa