Saturday, 20 December 2008

Windfarms - for or against?

We went for a walk at Rye harbour yesterday, and of course passed new local landmark - the wind farm. I actually find them quite attractive, and this was the first time I'd seen them since they became operational. I'd expected them all to be turning together (a bit like synchronised swimming!) but in fact they each move independently, as if to a different drum.

There was a huge outcry in the local paper when the windfarm was first suggested, and this continued throughout the construction. Obviously the traffic must have been a nightmare: these things are HUGE. Yet to claim they are a blot on the landscape seems wrong, in my opinion. this is not an unspoilt "natural" landscape by any means. Others feared for the birds (this is a nature reserve with many water birds) but surely they are big enough for even the daftest of birds to notice and avoid?
What do you think?

Friday, 19 December 2008

My first attempt at painting on glass...

wasn't what you might call an overwhelming success!

I've often admired the lovely work for sale on Etsy and wondered about having a go, then a few weeks ago I found a kit in a charity shop. Vase, pattern to trace, gold outline and two "colouring in" paints were provided, even a brush - how hard could it be?

The answer, as I'm sure you've guessed, is VERY HARD INDEED!

For a start, the paper pattern I was supposed to trace was flat. The vase, unsurprisingly, is NOT flat. Trying to squeeze my fingers through the neck of the vase to position and reposition the pattern must have been quite entertaining in itself!

Then for the outline. I didn't think that would be too tricky, I'm an experienced cake icer and it's a similar technique...but again - my cakes are FLAT.

So what about colouring in? That's GOT to be easy, surely?

The trouble with colouring in is that the paint is supposed to flood into area surrounded by the outline. Guess what happens if there's a tiny gap in the outline which you haven't noticed?

I enjoyed my experiment with a new craft - enough so that I hunted down some plain tealight holders for another go - but don't expect to see painted glass in my shops any time soon!

I've admired the work of

Lewesia Glass for a long time - even more so now I realise how difficult the craft is! - and recommend her shop most highly!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Timing...I've just discovered it matters!

Yesterday there was a Christmas fair at my local farm shop, and they agreed to offer my Christmas knits for sale (Woohoo!)

Guess who went back to pick up the leftovers AFTER the shop shut?


So sorry potential online buyers - my Etsy Christmas section is depleted, and my Folksy shop is shut until I can find out what I've still got available!

*Another useful lesson learnt!*

Friday, 5 December 2008

Thank you for voting

Phew! I got a little carried away celebrating last night - I'm so excited to have won the Folksy Angels competition.

As promised, I drew a winner from the list of commenting voters:

...and the winner is littleworm! Many thanks to all (I'll be contacting the rest of you with a runner-up offer) and Littleworm your earrings will be in the post as soon as you've sent me your address.

Meanwhile, I shall continue to sip champagne and bask in winning glory :-)

Thursday, 4 December 2008

and the winner is....


Folksy and the wemake gang have been up all night counting, but it has just been confirmed on the
Folksy blog.

Thank you so much to all my lovely voters...all 92 of you!

I have been celebrating just a tiny bit, so I'll have to get back to you about the blog prize....

In the meantime, can I encourage anyone within shouting distance of London on Saturday to go and do their handmade Christmas shopping at WeMake London

when: SATURDAY 6th DECEMBER 2008, 11am- 5pm
where: The American Church,
79a Tottenham Court Road,
Nearest tube: Goodge Street
More details on the WeMakeLondon blog

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

How my windchime came to life...

Of course, this should have been properly blogged before yesterday - but hey, I'm not quite perfect :-)

Follow my pics and descriptions here

then - pretty please -

vote for niftyknits

Voting ends Wednesday midnight, UK time, don't forget to leave a comment telling me you've voted, then you'll be in the draw for my knitted holly earrings.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

oh my - how could I leave it so long?

I'm ashamed to see how long it's been.

Never mind, now that I'm back...who'd like to help me win a competition? I'm touting for votes in the Folksy Angels competition. The brief was to make a decoration using recycled materials, I made a windchime from last year's used Christmas cards, a tangle of gift ribbon and a couple of straws and pipecleaners.

to vote for niftyknits go
and then post a comment telling me you've voted. I will give a pair of my new holly earrings to 1 of you, randomly selected.

If I win the competition - I will give each and every one of you who vote and leave a comment a discount coupon for one of my stores. :-) Don't forget to let me know how to find you.