Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I need stuffing!

Today was going to be the day I went to my supplier to get new stuffings as I seem to have been knitting/crocheting to excess lately. The good new is that I phoned first because it is really pouring with rain and I didn't want a wasted trip.

"No, we don't do the big bags of fibre filling any more!"

That's not good. It was really good value - I don't want to be buying small bags on a weekly basis :-(

"No we don't sell the granules for juggling balls any more - there's no demand for them"

That's REALLY not good. It took me forever to find somewhere to buy them. I've looked on ebay (postage is huge - they're heavy. That's the point!) and I've tried every craft shop for miles around. Doesn't it make you mad when they say there's no demand? Hello - I'm here. I just demanded. Don't I count?

So- better start thinking of things to make that don't need stuffing :-(

Tw hours later, I've searched online, I've rang around - finally I decide to phone my original source again and ask them to give me the details of the supplier they used to get it from, maybe I can go direct? After a cross-purposes chat of some length (turns out I spoke to the village idiot earlier) they DO have what I want, they just thought I meant something else.

Hello Greengrocer, can I have some carrots?
No, we don't stock apples.

Argh! Still can't get it today though, she has to take it home to weigh.

Presumably on the kitchen scales.

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