Thursday, 3 July 2008

Can I speak to the manager, please?

Yep, today was the day.

I'd made my appointment, I'd had loads of advice from lovely etsians , I'd packed (and repacked!) my selection from my inventory (with the rest in the car just in case) and I was wearing my crochet spiral earrings.

Sadly the farm shop manager said that although they did carry quite a few crafts, it just didn't sell - but I was very welcome to set up a stall when they have their next open day (when there are always loads of families)

So - no massive order for knitted oast houses and piglets, but a real confidence boost. I know now that I CAN approach shops with confidence. The lovely girl serving in the shop even remembered one of my items pictured on the business card I left last week (which confirms my card "works") and was very impressed with the item when I showed it to her "in the flesh".

Yay me :-D

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Unknown said...

good for you, take a lot of guts!