Friday, 6 June 2008

A window closes, a new door opens...

A good friend quoted that to me yesterday when I told her I'd resigned my teaching post. I've been off sick for ages and thought I was about to go back...but no. The moment I went through the door, the stress returned and I started shaking.

So - where's that door?

I'm hoping that my knitting will open a few doors.

Here's one:
I was thrilled (and scared stiff!) to be asked for wholesale prices recently by a store in the USA, and this has made me determined to approach some local shops.

You may remember a previous blog where I said a local paper were going to feature me? Well, I put that on hold because I didn't think it would go down too well with my day job employer...but I don't have a day job now, so I will get back in touch with the paper.

And of course - the wonderful ETSY

I was just checking out the ETSY forums and read Spiffing Jewelry's blog , a very funny story about a random person in an internet cafe (read her blog to find out more!)

This reminded me of my sinful past knitting certain TV inspired toys ;-) and one day finding one when googling - OMG that's MINE I shrieked. (You were probably wondering what you'd heard?)

So here it is!

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