Friday, 20 June 2008

Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

Who else can sing along to the Python folk's wonderful Spam song?

*bloody vikings*

Well, today's spam is slightly different. I was wondering what to blog about and checked my work email whilst pondering...problem solved. btw...I haven't deleted my name for privacy, I was simply addressed as "Dear Mr" (and I always thought I was a girly!)

Dear Mr

I have the honour to request from your valuable personality.
In fact I come from the Ivory Coast (Abidjan) and I appoint HUBERSON I gained a very good foundation in the field of football through the center of high-level training IMPERIAL FOOTBALL CLUB with whom I have evolved over six years. I am now looking for someone who can help me and with whom I would like to take new steps, discover new horizons.
I am but preferably versatile defender and attacker (No. 5 & 11).
I am a fairly complete player, and you would have the opportunity to discover all my athletic qualities. I am ready to give the best of myself and put all my skills at your disposal if you give me the opportunity. By informing you that I am somewhat put you in touch with my training centre for further information.
My performances:
Field of view games
Masters Ball
Good edge speed
You can write me.


Please accept the spirit of my highest consideration and hope to meet with you.


Noted: I am a very good player and available for the evolution of your team thank you.

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