Monday, 2 June 2008

More steampunk :-D

With all the excitement of my birthday pics I forgot to tell you about my pressies!
Number one son and his lovely girlfriend added to my yarn stash with some fine rainbow yarn, not sure what I'm ging to do with it yet but it crochets well. They also scoured etsy for a new steampunk necklace YAY!
Isn't it cute? I love dragonflies, so dragonfly + steampunk is awesome.

Number two son is a musician, so he compiled me a cd of lots of favourites including a track by his band
A Scandal in Bohemia which we listened to all the way home from Brighton.

My baby girl is studying for her uni finals, so her pressie will wait until she's finished (Yay, another birthday!)

And Mr Nifty bought me a huge box of Thorntons Continental - we've finally found a box of chockies with minimal nuts - I'm not allergic, I just don't like them, so usually everyone else gets to eat most of my chockies.
Not fair :-(

Update on my young footballing neighbour...still no banging on the fence. Best £7 ever spent!

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