Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I've won!

Yes, I'm the proud winner of an Etsy promotion. I selected this week's featured items in The Woody Nook, I'm so excited! I can't wait to receive my prize :-)

I'm really pleased to have my selection chosen, because I do feel they show off Woody Nook's range (and I specially love the colours in that Renaissance Necklace)

Looking back at just over a month of Etsy-ness, I'm quite staggered at how many new (to me) crafts I've learnt about. I've discovered an entirely new genre of Jewelry (well, unknown to me):Steampunk (see earlier blogs), a shop specialising in making wondrous things from sweet wrappers Candy Calamity
a seller making funky jewelry from teeny tiny light bulbs (or so it seems to me!)
Strawberry Anarchy and the most fantastic not-artificial-at-all french beaded flowers from Forever Flowers.

I wonder I've got time to knit!


divalovessilver said...

i love your choices, they are all lovely! Especially candy calamity and strawberry's shop, are very unique! i remembered one time at etsy promotion forum, someone recommended strawberry's light bulbs necklace, it is so impressive!
you too have a very unique store ! i love that POPPY flower faerie^^.welcome to ETSY, good luck to you and your shop!!!

by the way, you have a very nice blog. ^_*

niftyknits said...

thank you :-)
I@m always happy when someone leaves a comment (otherwise I wonder if it's only me reads it!)

Strawberry Anarchy said...

thanks you for giving me a mention :D i love the choices you made!

and thanks to you too diva!

i always wonder if people read my blog too i have just started out so not sure how to add people yet!

Hedgelands Glass Lass said...

Great news and great choices!

oldbagcrafts said...

etsy is the place to learn, that's for sure! great blog :)